Different SEO Methods and Best Techniques for Your Marketing Strategy

Different SEO Methods and Best Techniques for Your Marketing Strategy

Getting a high rank for your website on Google search engines can be a tricky task, especially, if you don’t fully comprehend the types and methods of SEO.

In this article, before moving to the best techniques for SEO, we’ll talk about the different SEO methods and the best one/s to follow in conducting your SEO strategy.

The three most familiar search engine optimization methods are:

1- White Hat SEO

This technique helps your website get ranked organically and doesn’t result in penalties with search engines. Having said that, it’s a long process that requires patience and a lot of hard work to achieve the desired rank. White Hat SEO is considered the best method to use. Most of the reputable digital marketing agencies in Egypt use it in their digital marketing strategies.

2- Black Hat SEO

It’s the fastest way to get your website a high rank on Google searches, but for a short period of time. Afterwhich, crawlers realize that your website has not obtained these results organically, and accordingly the search engine drops the rank and sometimes penalizes the website.

3- Grey Hat SEO

It’s the mix of the two methods that we mentioned above. There are many marketers as well as some digital marketing companies who opt for this method to minimize the chances of getting in trouble with Google search engine, and at the same time, achieve faster results.

The best techniques that digital marketing agencies and advanced digital marketers use are:

1- Keyword search

A successful SEO strategy should start with finding the right keywords for enhancing your website’s Google rank. Fortunately, there’re a lot of keyword search tools that digital marketing agencies and digital marketers use nowadays like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

2- High quality and unique content

It’s not simple to write perfect relevant content. And because Google’s crawlers evaluate your website content, you should write relevant, reliable, unique and appropriately long content.

3- High-quality UX/UI

A high-quality UX/UI is essential for the users because it reduces the bounce rate on your website and makes your website deserve a higher rank on Google search engine. 

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