How Do Brands in Egypt Use Emotional Advertising to Get Potential Customers?

How Do Brands in Egypt Use Emotional Advertising to Get Potential Customers?

Most brands and businesses prefer to utilize emotional advertising to make customers prone to their brand. Everything, from your logo to your choice of advertising, may motivate your target audiences, making them aware of your brand and possibly associating with it forever. Emotional advertising is an essential part of any marketing strategy that most digital marketing agencies in Egypt, advertising agencies in Egypt and branding agencies in Egypt have used for years and continue to use.

Importance of Emotional Advertising

Emotional advertising helps in building customer loyalty, it has an important role in the growth of many businesses. Creating an effective strategy with emotional advertising is the first priority for reputable digital marketing agencies, as they are fully aware of the importance of emotional advertising and the role it plays in making your brand memorable.

How Many Brands Use Emotions to Gain Customer Loyalty?

The main goal for any brand is to make long-term customers, not only to gain customers, but also to retain them.

Read more to find out some of the emotions that dominate people’s decision-making process. Digital marketing agencies and branding agencies are familiar with the common emotions that can be targeted. Below are some examples of the use of emotional advertising in Egypt:

1.    Happiness

Mountain View has released a campaign with the slogan “Happiness Is A Choice, Choose To Be Bubble Free” This campaign’s objective is to spread happiness and family values.

2.    Sadness

Negative advertising doesn’t aim to make your audience sad, but rather to motivate them to take actions like donating money after they’ve seen these types of ads.

3.    Support

In 2020, PepsiCo has launched a campaign to encourage and support female farmers with a title “عايشين بخيرها”.

4.    Music

Marketers and digital marketing companies in Egypt utilize music to determine the tone of the advertising and generate emotions.

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