Digital Marketing

The Surge of Digital Marketing Agencies in Egypt

With the massive rise in the number of digital marketing agencies in Egypt, almost
every business owner and manager is challenged by attempting to select the right
digital marketing agency for his/her business needs. From online research, to asking
around, business owners and leaders find themselves running endless comparisons
and sometimes even hiring digital marketing agencies that end up not meeting their
business requirements. Then they start searching all over again.
But before you dive head first into this vicious circle, have you asked yourself if you
even need digital marketing for your business? Or are you just following a trend?
Should you shoot for a big scale agency or a smaller one? What do you need to focus
on while choosing amongst the large number of digital marketing agencies in Egypt
available nowadays? Questions like that along with issues of affordability, finding an
agency that provides you with high quality deliverables and blends with your
company’s culture and business style are frequently raised.

Digital Marketing
So do you really need it for your business?

In 2017, 3.5 billion daily searches were made on Google worldwide. 80% of the
population searching online has bought something through the Internet. In 2018,
97% of online searchers have used the Internet to get information about products,
services or a certain business before making a buying decision in the countries they
live in. But does your specific business target these 3.5 billion people? The simple,
short answer is no. Your business can’t possibly be targeting that number of people
searching online, but it can at least capitalize on those 97% searching for information
about your services or products before making a local buying decision.
Every business whether big or small needs to engage in one or more digital marketing
activity. Be it a small informational website or a huge ecommerce one with Search
Engine Optimization (SEO). Maybe you need to be actively present on one social
media platform, or create a marketing video for your services or a mobile application
for your products. The bottom line is, every business needs some form of digital
marketing according to its industry, business scope and targeted customers’
behavior. The key is to define the role that digital marketing can play in your business
according to your business goals rather than just follow the trend of indulging in all
digital marketing practices that may or may not yield the desired Return on
Investment (ROI).

Digital Marketing Agencies in Egypt

How to choose the right one for your business needs?

1. Communication and Response Time

While comparing between the many digital marketing agencies in Egypt, pay more
attention to the ones that communicate smoothly with you and respond to you
promptly and adequately. If they show poor communication prior to even working
with you, chances are, it will only get worse in time.

2. Customizable Services

Asking about the price of a service upfront is your right, and finding an agency that
has fixed prices or pricing guidelines is a plus. However, if a digital marketing agency
doesn’t put the time into getting to know your business in order to provide you with
customized services and personalized solutions, then this is not the one for you.

3. Competitive Analysis

Monitoring your competition to see what they do right and what they do wrong is an
invaluable step prior to embarking on any service execution. Many digital marketing
agencies in Egypt skip this step. If the agency you’re considering doesn’t ask you
about your competitors while getting to know your business, that’s cause for alarm.

4. Transparency and Sharing

You have the right to have access to all your accounts; access to your domain name
and hosting account, access to your YouTube analytics, the admin panel of your
website, the source file for your logo or creative designs and the list goes on. A digital
marketing agency that fails to be transparent and share with you what’s rightfully
yours should be off your list.

5. Social Media Marketing Strategy

Proper market segmentation and carefully defining and analyzing your targeted
audience form the foundation for the proper management of your social media
platform/s. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality that matters. Focus on how your
agency will manage your channel/s, rather than get drawn to the one that suggests
placing your business on every possible platform.

6. Technical Wording and the Secret Tactics

A lot of digital marketing agencies tend to pack their communication with technical
words that you don’t understand and tell you that they have their own techniques
and tactics that will grant you the desired outcome. Stay away from these, if you

don’t understand what they’re saying, they either have no idea what they’re doing or
are not customizing their solutions to your business.

7. The Do It All Risk

Choosing a small digital marketing agency is often not a bad idea. If you pick a good
one, they mostly work hard on attending to your business to retain clients and grow
bigger. But, pay attention to the “Do it All” ones, ask how many people will be
working on your project and what the role of each of them is. If the agency has one
employee per area of specialty, this is not a safe choice for you.