Viral Content

Viral Content

What is Viral Content and How to Create it?

Viral content is simply defined as any content (text, image, or video) that spreads quickly online. Viral content can make a brand spread rapidly, differentiate it from competition, and build a high level of brand awareness, through:

  • Social media platforms, websites, newsletters, and search engines.
  • Word-of-mouth from person to person.

Nowadays, in Egypt, most people head to a digital marketing agency to create viral content. Whereas, this is always an option, most people can create viral content themselves if they learn enough about it and follow some simple rules.

Why is Viral Content Important?

Digital marketing agencies in Egypt are now fully aware of the importance of viral content because it:

  • leads traffic to the client’s website.
  • increases the awareness of a brand organically.
  • is cheaper and spreads faster compared to paid advertisements.

But not all content goes viral. It’s rather difficult to make viral content, however, you can follow some tips to enhance your content to increase the chances of it going viral, and help your brand grow organically:

1- Make Plans and Strategies

Currently, no digital marketing company works without plans. Make a good plan and be aware of your brand’s advantages, versus those of the competitors, so you can better reach your goal.

2- Use Content Worth Sharing

Make sure to use topics that are relevant to your business, and are worth sharing with your audience.
Think about how to give your audience value, so they can interact with your content.
Be creative, emotional, and choose different ideas to attract your audience.
Use catchy and colored visualization in your content.

3- Follow the Trends

Nowadays, any reputable digital marketing agency in Egypt will always follow trends in the content it creates. Focusing on trendy topics makes the content interesting, and worth reading for most audiences.

4- Know your Audience

It’s vital to understand the details of your targeted audience, to better address them, engage them, and aid in growing your brand.

5- Use the Appropriate Platform

It’s also imperative to determine the best platform where you can find your audience (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) and publish your content accordingly.

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