What is Email Marketing and Why Should Companies Use it?

What is Email Marketing and Why Should Companies Use it?

Email marketing is considered a strong digital marketing tool. It is also known as a direct marketing method of approaching existing customers and prospective customers. Email Marketing is regarded as an effective way for: digital marketing agencies, web design companies, branding agencies, as well as many other types of businesses to contact customers directly.

The email marketing helps small and medium businesses to send regular emails to their contacts. So that they can promote their business products/services. provide special offers, or share messages with their customers by creating an email list of their customers.

 Most Popular Types of Email Marketing

1- Email Newsletters

This is one of the best means of email marketing. which companies often use to share information about products/services with their subscriber list.

Newsletters are not only used for potential customers. but also for existing customers to maintain contact and provide them with the latest news, events and product/service offers.

Before you start creating email newsletters, you need to know your campaign’s goal, and how to achieve it.? Maybe you want more shares so you can increase your subscriber list. Or perhaps you want to be the first brand that comes to mind. when your customers or prospective customers think about products/services like yours?

 2- Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are versatile email marketing tools, companies use them to promote their new products, special offers, blog posts, eBooks, webinars, etc..

Promotion emails should have a clear (CTA) call-to-action, to tell the customer what action they should take.

3- Re-engagement Emails

This type of email marketing helps companies to reconnect with their inactive subscribers. For example, you can send re-engagement emails to ask inactive customers about their feedback. 

 4- Video Emails

Video email marketing is an effective way to increase engagement rates. Creating videos about your brand story or explaining your products/services makes people quickly understand what you produce in your business. 

To conclude, email marketing is a very important digital marketing tool that most digital marketing agencies in Egypt are utilizing nowadays. You can either hire a digital marketing agency to help you with email marketing, or do it in-house using the tips covered in this post.

From successful digital marketing tips, using videos. Nowadays, there is no digital marketing company in Egypt unless it uses video marketing.


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