Branding Services

Markeona offers a comprehensive range of branding services designed to create a strong brand identity that identifies and differentiates a business and its products or services  from other businesses. To create a strong brand, Markeona researches, analyses and defines different criteria that go into building the right brand identity which reflects the desired brand positioning. Markeona‘s branding services start with analyzing and understanding the customers’ needs and are concluded with managing the brand to ensure brand image consistency throughout every visual or verbal communication with the public.  Markeona‘s branding services include:

  1. Branding Strategy
  2. Brand Identity Creation
  3. Brand Management
  4. Rebranding
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Print Production
  7. Print Advertising
  8. Photography & Photo Editing

Branding Strategy

The branding strategy is responsible for designing a plan to increase the brand equity and customer brand loyalty by enhancing the exposure for the brand in the market. In order to do that, the branding strategy often covers creating the brand’s vision, promise and competitive advantages. The brand’s competitive advantages also called competitive edges are what differentiate it from competitors in the eyes of customers and prospective customers. The branding strategy also identifies the brand’s position in the market according to the targeted market segment/s and how this is communicated both verbally and visually.

Brand Identity Creation

The brand identity is a combination of visual elements (name, logo, slogan, fonts, colors, etc…) that identify and differentiate a brand from other brands. The brand identity creation service involves brand concept creation, brand analysis, corporate naming, corporate color choice, font choice, logo design, word mark, symbol, slogan, shapes, styles, corporate identity and website look and feel. Markeona is also specialized in brand identity creation for specific businesses such as restaurants, cafés, doctor clinics and more. At the end of every brand identity creation project, Markeona produces a branding manual when requested by clients to use as a guideline for all future brand management and new material production.

Brand Management

Brand management is a process which creates a relationship between the brand’s products and/or services and the targeted market audience composed of customers and prospective customers. The ultimate goal for brand management is to build brand loyalty through customer satisfaction. Brand management covers the tangible elements of the brand’s products and/or services manifested in the actual quality, look, feel and price of the product or service as well as intangible elements such as the customer’s experience or emotional connection with the brand.


Rebranding involves creating a new brand identity for a company’s existing brand, product or service. It is often made to reposition the brand in the market with the goal of upgrading the brand’s image and moving it up the market. Another reason for rebranding is getting rid of an undesirable image associated with the initial branding in the minds of customers and prospective customers. Rebranding usually covers making minor or major changes to the brand’s name, logo, slogan, corporate colors, fonts, design look or one or more of these elements.

Graphic Design

Markeona’s graphic design service creates captivating designs that capture the prospective customer’s attention and portray the desired brand image. Creative graphic design concepts are custom made for: logos, corporate identity/stationary (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, notepads, CD covers, etc…), catalogues, brochures, menus, flyers, sales kits, gift vouchers, discount coupons, restaurant branding, uniform branding, vehicle branding, event branding and product packaging. Markeona also utilizes out of the box, unique, conceptual graphic design ideas for print advertisements, outdoor advertisements, roll ups, online banners and pay per click ads.

Print Production

Print and production services include managing the entire printing and production processes from the moment the design is completed until the final product is delivered to the client’s premise. These services include all printed marketing materials as well as branded give-aways, signage light boxes, illuminated signs, outdoor directional signs, promotional display units, branded cladding for shops, branded uniforms, print vinyl for vehicle branding, branded product packages, branded event stands and laser print acrylic signage. Print and production services also cover advertising roll-ups, indoor display units and outdoor advertising units.

Print Advertising

The print advertising service is responsible for creating the design look and feel for any advertisement that is print on paper. The service also includes creating the content of the ad in terms of text and promotional message. The final product could be in the form of magazine advertisement, newsletter, brochure, flyer or any advertisement that is print on paper. The print advertising service covers choosing the right medium for advertising according the targeted market segment/s. Another criterion taken into consideration while working on print advertising designs is to ensure that the ad visual adheres to the brand identity and reflects the brand’s market position.

Photography & Photo Editing

Photography and photo editing services entail taking high quality photos needed for all marketing materials and making any necessary photo editing through Photoshop. They also cover photography for products, business interiors, employees or any required photos for websites, online publications or print publications. At times the client needs images that are not necessary shot from his actual products, in this case the image selection service is provided. This involves searching for high quality content relevant images and purchasing them exclusively for the client or finding free pictures through internet search with the availability of the photo editing service as well. Markeona’s photography and photo editing services always start with brainstorming with the client the image photography or selection criteria then choosing content relevant pictures accordingly.