SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which utilizes a set of tactics and techniques that higher the rank of a website making it appear on the earlier search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc… The ultimate goal for SEO is to get more visitors to the website and accordingly increase its exposure and/or sales. Optimizing any given website usually involves editing its content to better match the most common keywords that people use to search for the product/service this website provides. Search Engine Optimization also includes creating certain relevant search keywords, page titles and descriptions that are placed in the website code to help search engines find these web pages. Other Search Engine Optimization tactics include removing the barriers that might be hindering search engine indexing and adding inbound back links to the website. Many more SEO tactics and strategies are used such as social media linking and online advertising.

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization
  3. Manual One Way Backlinks
  4. Manual Search Engine Submission
  5. Manual Directory Submission
  6. Blog Directory Submission
  7. Article Directory Submission
  8. SEO Maintenance


On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is defined as all the activities that take place on the webpage itself. These include but are not limited to choosing the right domain name, writing rich and relevant website content, choosing the right keywords and utilizing the right tactics to highlight these keywords in the page content. For the On Page Optimization service, we start with a thorough research of our client’s industry, targeted markets and competitors before we attempt to start the optimization process. Through competitor analysis, we examine keywords that bring our client’s competition the highest traffic and add these to our list of suggested keywords. While doing On Page Optimization, Markeona’s team capitalizes on the most optimal SEO strategies through analyzing the different algorithms for the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization covers all the activities that take place on other pages away from the given website page. This includes optimizing any webpage not through the website itself but rather through links pointing to the website such as backlinks or what are often called one way backlinks. Prior to doing Off Page Optimization, Markeona’s SEO specialists put a great amount of time into researching directories, blog directories, article directories, social media networks and keywords that are used for connecting our clients’ websites to such forums. After this phase is completed, Markeona’s team proceeds with social media optimization which composes a huge building block for Off Page Optimization.

One way backlinks are links that point to any given webpage from another page not on the same website. It also means that the page which has the link pointing to it doesn’t point back to that external link. The reason one way backlinks are so important for link building and Off-page Optimization is because search engines view these one way backlinks as a form of vote or recommendation pointing to this webpage. This is considered by search engines to be more credible than reciprocal links which simply means a two way link pointing to a site and back from it. This is usually done through an agreement between the two websites which search engines devalue and consider spam. Other techniques for link building include article submissions, free Blogs and directory submissions.

Search Engine Submission

Manual search engine submission refers to manually submitting a website to search engines so that the pages on this website can be indexed by search engines for visitors to be able to find this site. It is very important to submit any website to the main search engines and others not just to Google because Bing, Yahoo and MSN still get millions of visitors so do many more less famous search engines that are still used by certain visitors. The reason Manual search engine submission is so much more effective than using an automated software tool is that search engines recognize the submission practice and prefer the Manual submission to protect themselves against spam. It takes anywhere between one to four weeks for the submitted web pages to be indexed in search engines. That is more of a reason why Manual search engine submission actually saves time as it ensures that the pages do get indexed after this waiting period and don’t need to be resubmitted if the indexing fails through the automated software tool.

Manual Directory Submission

Manual directory submission is the process of manually submitting a website to searchable online directories. This process is an integral part of link building for Off-page Optimization as it helps search engines find the submitted website and identify it as more important than other non directory indexed websites. Because there are thousands of page results for any given keyword, search engines evaluate these results to determine which are more valuable and accordingly give them a higher rank. Websites that are properly indexed and categorized in online directories are perceived by search engines to be more valuable and deserve a higher rank. Now, the reason Manual directory submission is the preferred submission choice verses automated software tools is that these tools are often used by spammers which is why link directories don’t accept this method of submission. The directories want to ensure keeping themselves clean and that is why Manual directory submission is the only practice which guarantees that the website submissions will be approved.

Blog Directory Submission

Blog directory submission refers to the activity of submitting the posts of a certain website’s blog in online directories. A blog is a webpage on which visitors write comments and opinions related to a particular blog post. Blog posts are placed or regular basis and this is why a blog is more dynamic and more valued by search engines than regular web pages that are not updated as often. Search engines love fresh data and newly posted information and accordingly give it a higher rank than stagnant data. The reason blog directory submission is crucial to achieving a higher rank is that when a blog’s posts are indexed in a blog directory this helps search engines find these posts so much faster through the directory than had it been trying to find them independently. Furthermore, blog  directory submission helps attract more traffic to the website blog  which increases the number of visitors to the website in general leading to a higher rank.

Article directory submission

Article directory submission is the process of submitting articles related to the website topic containing the website link into online article directories. An online article directory is a directory that compiles a collection of articles written about different subjects. The reason article writing and submission is so important to search engine rank is that it is perceived by visitors as general information not marketing or advertising material. Visitors find it more credible and rely on it as a source of information. Article directory submission allows visitors to find their search keyword/s related articles quickly through these dedicated article directories. In addition to that, each article including the website link can be utilized by other websites that might use it to educate their visitors which in turn counts as more backlinks and supports Off page Optimization. Article directory submission also helps the website by publishing each article  on an individual webpage which strengthens the backlink quality and makes search engines love it even more.