Founded in 2010, in Cairo, Egypt, Markeona is a marketing, branding and advertising agency offering a comprehensive range of services in Egypt as well as abroad through Outsourcing. Unlike advertising agencies, Markeona is not just limited to the provision of creative advertising or branding solutions, instead, the agency covers an array of different services that start with marketing consultancy and go all the way till the clients’ strategic marketing objectives are met.

Marketing services include Marketing Consultancy, Marketing Strategy including marketing Plan, Marketing Mix and Social Media Marketing. Branding Services include Branding Strategy, Brand Identity Creation, Brand Management and Rebranding. Marketing Services cover Online Advertising including Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Print Advertising. Other services include Graphic Design, Printing, Web Design, Web Development with Content Management Systems (CMS), Content Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Markeona is also specialized in Outsourcing Marketing and Branding Packages, Web Design and Development Packages as well as À la Carte Marketing and Branding Services.


Markeona was founded by Marketing Consultant Mona Khorshid in 2010. Having capitalized on 13 years of experience in the areas of Marketing and Branding for organizations of different sizes and business scopes, she decided to start her own business. Mona composed a loyal team of professionals who worked with her over the years. Hence, with a set of diverse skills and a history of fruitful team work, Markeona was born.

Mona graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2001 where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Photography, and a minor in Psychology. Having found a great interest in copywriting, graphic design, photography and creative communication, Mona started her career in Marketing Communication and returned to AUC for a post-graduate study in Marketing in 2004. Mona loves sports particularly volleyball and squash, all sorts of competitive games as well as fishing.

Creative Team

Markeona’s team has helped many businesses of different sizes and scopes in defining their competitive advantages, setting and achieving their marketing objectives and creating or rejuvenating their Brand Identity. The team has developed hundreds of marketing and Advertising materials that supported the clients’ business positioning, attracted more customers and achieved customer loyalty. Markeona’s team is composed of a group of hand-picked specialists who enjoy different professional skills and talents yet share a common set of values and principles by which they all operate. Every member of the team is principled, positive, picky, proactive, proficient, punctual and a pleasure to work with.


Markeona’s vision is to be recognized as one of the finest quality providers of Marketing and Branding Services in Egypt and abroad.


Markeona’s mission is to provide the finest quality Marketing and Branding Services, offer impeccable client care and maintain lifelong client relations.

Competitive Advantages

• Loyal Partnership

At Markeona we see ourselves as our clients’ lifelong loyal partners. That’s why we make it a prime concern to invest in understanding our clients’ businesses, the products and/or services they provide and the culture and environment of the work place. By doing so, we seamlessly fit into our clients’ organizations and make them as comfortable as possible while dealing with us.

• Crowning the Client

At Markeona we believe that clients should be treated as royalty. With this in mind, phrases like “this can’t be done” or “we can’t finish this in that amount of time” don’t exist in our dictionary. There is also no such thing as an unpleasant encounter with any member of Markeona’s team. We enjoy a positive, productive, flexible approach and never miss a chance at pampering our royal clients.

• Cherishing Time

At Markeona we believe that time is the most precious asset: with enough time, almost anything can be achieved but when time runs out, no other asset can compensate for it. That’s why, we always work with deadlines and action plans. We believe that wasting our clients’ time or ours is worse than stealing, for stolen money can always be remade in time, but stolen time can never be regained.

• Perfection and Precision

At Markeona we are all perfection addicts. We believe that we have to keep working and critiquing our work until it is as perfect as it can get before we even show it to our clients. We invest a lot in analyzing our clients’ needs before we start working to ensure that the end product matches all our clients’ requirements and adheres to our meticulous standards of quality.

• Reliability and Accessibility

At Markeona we believe that the client “his/her royalty” should never have to wait for a response. Accordingly, we are make ourselves accessible via email, phone, messaging as well as Skype, Viber and FaceTime for our International clients or local clients in need of a quick virtual meeting.

Values & Guiding Principles

Just as the success of a service’s marketing strategy relies on the “7 P’s Marketing Mix”, our success relies on the “Markeona’s 7 P’s Value Mix”. Every member of Markeona’s team is:


All team members are principled individuals. This shows in the way we deal with clients, how we do our work and price our services. We are honest and ethical and never compromise our values.


We belong to the school of thought which states that being positive is the key to attract all the good the world has to offer. That’s why we always maintain a positive attitude and share it with our clients.


In our business being picky is a huge plus, it’s what allows us to come as close as possible to perfection. We pay attention to every minor detail, every alignment rule and maintain consistency of elements in every single piece of work.


Proactivity is one of our most precious values. We can’t resist initiating actions and making suggestions whenever there is room for improvement. We enjoy exploring all possibilities even if our clients don’t ask us to.


Our team members are both skillful and talented. By strictly adhering to our set of values and guiding principles we are very proficient both as individuals and in working together as a team.


One of our most important competitive advantages is the fact that we cherish time. For that reason, we never waste neither our clients’ time nor ours. We always work with timeframes and action plans and never miss a deadline.


Although we take our work very seriously, we derive a great pleasure from the work we do. Naturally, this pleasure is always transmitted to our clients, even when working under stressful deadlines.