Values & Guiding Principles

Just as the success of a service’s marketing strategy relies on the “7 P’s Marketing Mix”, our success relies on the “Markeona’s 7 P’s Value Mix”. Every member of Markeona’s team is:


All team members are principled individuals. This shows in the way we deal with clients, how we do our work and price our services. We are honest and ethical and never compromise our values.


We belong to the school of thought which states that being positive is the key to attract all the good the world has to offer. That’s why we always maintain a positive attitude and share it with our clients.


In our business being picky is a huge plus, it’s what allows us to come as close as possible to perfection. We pay attention to every minor detail, every alignment rule and maintain consistency of elements in every single piece of work.


Proactivity is one of our most precious values. We can’t resist initiating actions and making suggestions whenever there is room for improvement. We enjoy exploring all possibilities even if our clients don’t ask us to.


Our team members are both skillful and talented. By strictly adhering to our set of values and guiding principles we are very proficient both as individuals and in working together as a team.


One of our most important competitive advantages is the fact that we cherish time. For that reason, we never waste neither our clients’ time nor ours. We always work with timeframes and action plans and never miss a deadline.


Although we take our work very seriously, we derive a great pleasure from the work we do. Naturally, this pleasure is always transmitted to our clients, even when working under stressful deadlines.