How To Write a Perfect Logo Design Brief for a Digital Marketing Agency?

How To Write a Perfect Logo Design Brief for a Digital Marketing Agency?

There are lots of logos that people easily forget, while there are other logos that people are able to recognize without even reading the brand name. Because a strong logo can impact your brand in the market and make your business grow better, it’s vital to write a perfect brief for the digital marketing agency that will create your logo design.

Steps for writing the perfect brief for a logo design: 

1. Give full information about your business

Give the hiring digital marketing agency more information about your business. Provide everything about your company:

        Company Name: Specify how you want your name to be presented.

        Company Profile: Explain what your company does exactly.

        Products/Services: List the products/services your company provides.

        Values: Explain the mission, vision and value of your business.

        Company Slogan: If you have a slogan for your company, determine if you want it to be embedded into the logo or not.

2. Disclose your logo style preferences

You should provide the digital marketing company with full details about your own style, so they can design a perfect logo that matches your unique requirements.

        Color Preferences: Give a clear brief about your preferred colors and which colors must or mustn’t be included.

        Type of Logo: Specify your preferred logo components. For example, you may need it to be (abstract, composed of a wordmark, or a wordmark complemented with a symbol)

        Logo Font: Present samples of fonts that you like and/or believe could reflect what your business conveys. Should it be more formal or more casual, etc…

3. Give a list of competitors

Give the executing digital marketing agency a list of your competitors, so they can analyze those competitors’ brand identities, and get a sense of your business industry’s best practices when it comes to logo design. 

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